Start Your Own Fundraising Campaign for Bridgeport Hospital

Whether you want to dedicate your milestone birthday or anniversary, train with a purpose for a race or adventure, pay tribute to a loved one, or start a fundraiser “just because,” we’re grateful for your support.

Use your creativity and passion to raise funds that can be directed to a specific area of the hospital or to where the need is greatest. We provide an easy-to-use personal fundraising page so you can share your story, collect and track donations, and build a fundraising team. Click to learn more.

Let’s Get Started!

Choose from one of the areas below to start your own fundraising campaign:

Don’t see the campaign you wish to fundraise for? Send in your Third Party Event Application and we will help you!


Fundraising Campaigns

All contributions to the Bridgeport Hospital Foundation provide funds for advanced medical technology and groundbreaking programs that improve the health of all in the Hospitals care.